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Welcome to Tehnoart Models

         We specialize on :

         1 . Ship , aircraft and vehicle scale models  Plastic Kit Design for

              international Scale Model Industry

         2 . Resin Kits development and export

         3 . Custom built premium quality collector ship models

         4.  Small and medium size prototyping service  

          Samples of  3D design  

Our history milestones are as follows :

1991  Experimental workshop for scale ship model production established at Omega  
         Plant in Riga, Latvia .

         First ten 1:50 scale ship models of Destroyer Lenin exported to USA.
         While 1:50 scale Baltimore Clipper Lynx entered production.

1992  Five Model Masters from Omega Plant experimental scale model workshop
         invited by a US  Marketing Company to form Its subsidiary Company in Riga
         with the only Scope of handcrafting fine art scale models for export.

         Company name registered as: Marketing Corporation of America in Riga.

         Production started around the scale ship models brought into the new Company
         by the five Model Masters from the Omega Plant:

         The 1:50 scale Lenin Destroyer
         the 1:50 scale Baltimore Clipper Lynx
2004  Company ownership, all assets included, duly transferred to a selected number
         of Craftsmen in the Company at no cost by the parent US Company
         as per Its own decision, under no other condition and/or document,
         but the simple total transfer of Shares.

         Company NEW name  registered as : Tehnoart

2008  New Partner in the Company Ownership .

         First industrial type  injection molded parts mass produced from our design
         for 1:200 scale models  .

2009  Company website started.

2017  25th year in Scale Modeling



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